Meet the Royal family. Our roster is among the most experienced in the entire signage industry.

 The Owners    

RAYMOND OWENS | Owner/Project Manager

C: 602.315.2351


DANE ALVORD | Owner/Project Manager

C: 480.220.0122


  Project Management    

GLEN Zwick | Project Manager

C: 602.315.5876


RAY MURCHISON | Project Manager

C: 602.471.1243



VINCE ACOSTA | Project Manager

C: 602.920.5251


JACK ALVORD | Project Manager

C: 480.593.3284



BOBBI ALVORD | Interior Project Manager

C: 602.531.0600


CASEY ARME| Interior Project Manager

C: 480.241.7785



JACK HODSON | Production/Installation Supervisor

C: 602.821.3309


  Office Staff    

JUDI KIMBRELL | Office Manager


Amy Arnett| Accounts Payable/Receivable



BESS HANSEN | Receptionist


Design Team    

RON PIERCEY | Art Director


CLAUDIA FUENTES | Art Department



Tony Pham | Art Department