Approvals and permits can often be the most intimidating task when starting a sign project, but we’re here to make it easy for you.

In 50 plus years of doing business the right way, we have developed and maintain outstanding relationships with all the local municipalities and their staff members.

Any one of our project managers you consult with will be familiar with the sign codes and regulations around the valley. They will know how to maximize the size of your signage and submit permit applications prepared with everything needed for a speedy review and approval.


Sign Design:
Our sign designs will always maximize the size, visibility and aesthetics of your advertising investment.
Let us take your brand and give it the Royal treatment. We will creatively integrate your colors, letter style and image into the various components of a sign package tailored to fit your budget. view our work...


Comprehensive Sign Criteria:
Are you the owner or developer of a commercial property in need of a comprehensive sign criteria? We can help you draft and receive approval on a criteria which you, your tenants and your patrons will love.

Don’t settle for a cut and paste criteria from another vendor who doesn’t take the time to consider the specific needs of your property. This inevitably leads to costly amendments in the future.

The criteria we create for you will be custom, contemporary, clear and concise. view our work...



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